Sunday, January 29, 2012


  Me and my computer that is. Some or another I have hit a thing-a-majig where I must screen all my comments...I could not figure out where all my bfc friends were-tadah! There you were all on the pre- screen -before publishing page! So I did not offend you-good!  When last I posted, I was a bit dazed from work, and thankfully, recovered enough to walk my pups. I worked last night and only had to work 1/2hour ot, not as grueling as the other night. I love taking care of people, I have been in the business since 1976, thankfully w/o back injury of any sort. By the end of the shift, I am tired. I keep up w/the best of them, but tired I am. I am looking forward to what working w/o the 85 pounds I lose will feel like-anticipating that is a joyful event. Well,this will be a short post, I am fixing taco salad to bring to my friend's, and she will in turn show me how to use my new camera  and post my before pictures to Rosalie's site-I think that is a great idea and am thankful she is doing that for us:) obtw(how's that for texting jargon?)  my blood glucose this am was 113-you're right Rosalie, I am on my ay to being free of that darn self induced diabetes type 2. Oh, and one more thing, I had a great lunch today-one small tortilla w/one slice havarti cheese heated thru w/one slice lunch meat 1T miracle whip, 5 baby carrots and 4 grren olives(I love those things ) for S/C value of S5/C1...tomorrow is weigh in day-can't weight to see how I've done!


  1. If you need help with the blog things - let me know.
    You are doing so good and that weight will be off in no time at all - you will see.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Great job! Good luck tomorrow!