Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy day-short post(maybe...knowing me:))

 Hello, to all of my fellow path walkers!  A busy day for me is any day I have to work and I work today. I am an RN  at a 130 bed hospital, 3-11 shift and believe you me, when you assume patient care you hit the floor running and you don't stop running except for those occasional days when there are unseen late discharges. So I must be prepared to eat something that is healthful to me and not something that will comfort me.  So last night's dinner was so marvelous, I plan on bringing that to work(chicken parmesan chopped up in a spinach salad w/1/2 avocado and 2 T blue cheese dressing)S0C1 I before I started this and having read a little Wheat Belly , especially after a stressful shift would stop on the way home and buy chips or doughnuts or chocolate and or all of them, and eat and and eat and usually polish them off entirely at one sitting(I kid you not-except for the few crumbs cedric and dolly got:(.) So tonight is my test-I am going prepared w/one square dark chocolate and one ounce raw almonds. I am curious and hopeful w/o eating wheat that that will be all I need, no mater what kind of shift I have. Today for breakfast I had one packet Better oats organic raw bare variety oatmeal with 1 ounce sliced almonds(ready in 2 minutes in the microwave) and 5 raisins out of sunmaid variety pack w/1/2 c coconut milk(and a small pat of butter.) And one Jimmy Dean turkey sausage link , coffee w/cream for a total S5C1. And I must tell you I am full. It is sun shining today so I off to my anyone aware of a wheat free thin bun that I can replace my wheated thin buns with?...would not like giving up my occasional hamburger...have a great day:)


  1. I am a nurse too. I haven't worked in a hospital in many years, but when i was first married I either did mostly 11-7. I wish I knew of a wheat free bun. I like those sandwich thins too. I did make Dawn's almond muffins and baked them in that flatter shape. I have had them for breakfast, but not with a sandwich. They are pretty good. Continued success and hugs from me to you!

  2. HI Deborah, I too was one of those people that ate tons of crap like that before BFC. But the wheat is not the bad part for me. I lost all my 90lbs eating wheat every day.
    All your food sounded really good. ave a good day tomorrow :-)