Friday, January 27, 2012


99 WHAT? YEARS OLD? NO, I AM 57 YEARS YOUNG. POUNDS TO LOSE? CLOSE, BUT THAT'S NOT IT EITHER.  I had to share my joy w/ someone, and as my family are all at the movies, I chose my fellow bfcers. I am a type2 diabetic, on oral meds only. I have been so on w/bfc these last 5 days, and  I'm not great at checking my blood sugars at home because that's what A1cs are for( we nurses make the worst patients-we know too much.)  I  have started checking my blood sugars randomly sinc I'm sticking with this so well now-blood sugar on getting up wed am=150(<140 is preferred.) I just decided to check it while preparing dinner and it was 99!!!Hallelujah and thank  you all for your support and encouragement and may this be  encouragement to those of you w/the same battle of dm2...:)


  1. Deb, I am so excited for you. WOW! Just keep eating healthy and you won't need meds for that anymore. AH-Bye-Bye Diabetes
    Have a great day :-)

  2. That's great! I'm glad this is helping you. Sending hugs and wishes for continued success!!