Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new day, third day

  well, no excitement today, all I have to report is I have managed to make it through this day so far w/o consuming wheat. I actually purchased for my e-reader Dr. Davis;s book  Wheat Belly and am looking forward to reading more-maybe Sunday will be a good day. managed to get a new plastic card reordered today and after dinner I will be going to my family's house to visit. They live 40 minutes away and I try to go see theem as there are 3 growing fast little ones who live there-my nephew who is 6, great nephew who is 5 and great niece who is color nook is all set w/new kiddo books:) For my meals toda y-breakfast I ran out of time for bible study so I ate a diabeteze bar S5/C2, for lunch 3/4 cup cabbage patch soup and veggie straws S5/C/2 and dinner will be salad and parm.lemon chicken and blue cheese dressing S5/C1. hope to get to the bottom of my blogging as I will be seeing my IT neph there as well, and hopefully get some before bfc pictures taken and sent-what a great idea. I hope all is well with all of you, my friends and tomorrow will bring you many blessings:)


  1. I get a lot of recipes of the Wheat Belly Blog. I don't have a reader or nook or anything. I read the old fashioned way. LOL
    Have a great day -)

  2. I just ordered that book too. I have the kindle, but thought I might rather have the paper version for recipes. Sounds like you had a good eating day. Sending hugs from me to you!

  3. I look forward to seeing your pictures! Meals sound yummy and good, too!