Sunday, January 22, 2012


 hello all, this all is quite new as well as old to me, both computer as well as bfcin;. where i am employed 10 years ago we were introduced to the novelty of electronic charting...just this past july i bought my first ever computer! and when jorge published his book "the belly fat cure" in 2009, i bought it, read it and followed it for a while and the quit. why did i quit? there was something lacking, and i could not quite tell what, but there was no real drive to lose the weight, although for the short time i followed it i did lose. well, word search on my new computer last august for bfc and amongst other things what did i find??? bfc purple rosy style! without knowing what the missing part to look for was i found in the community that congregates there. what was missing was the love and support for one another that each one of us benefit from in our journey out of all the stories and lies we have been told about how to lose weight and why we should. EUREKA!!! electronic gold. so, today 1/22/12, i post my first message on my brand new blog-(i move slow, but i move:) i encourage you to comments and  i can't wait to see where this leads...blessings to all:)

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