Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another victory

Yesterday I had it all figured out, my s/c and where I would put them. I had a problem though-I had only one s left at the end of the day and no c's. What to do? Well I took my precios Taco salad left fom the night before and instead of eating it all for lunch I split it and ate1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner-voila. By doing that and eliminating what I had planned to eat for dinner I was able to have a cushion of S3.51,andalthough I did not need them it was nice to know at the end of my work day I could have a little something. And wow! I had not clue kidney beans have a value of 2/2. Live and learn. So when I got home from work the Taco salad was gone but I still have little of the nacho cheese Doritos staring me in the face. No I did not throw them in the garbage disposal, or feed them to the dogs. I left them alone and went to bed. And that's the victory-no comfort eating at the end of a busy shift-with Doritos in house.  Have a wonderful day and may you have a victory or 2 today as you continue on your way to living the BFC lifestyle:-)

Monday, January 30, 2012


 Good morning to all. I had a most wonderful day yesterday after church, looking and hunting for  those foods that will be beneficial to my eating bfc this week-I did not get home until 2pm! I was so glad I had a packet of blue diamond almonds in my purse(they come in different flavors, my fav wasabi and soy) and all I needed was 3/4 package. Entire pck S1C1. And then I had my yummy lunch I described 1/28/12.Then it was off to the store to buy supplies to make dinner for my friend and her family. A most delicious Taco salad, and I did the hamburger seasoning the way Maria's nutrition counseling letter recommended last week(thank you Pattie for suggesting that site). Prepared that way it made the meat taste special and was no more time consuming than buying a packet filled w/who knows what?!  Do you know what it is like when you have eaten something that once you had your first serving you'd go back for seconds and thirds? Taco salad was one of those trigger foods for me and I tried to leave everything for my friends family, but I ended up bringing some of those darn chips home, a lot of the meat mixture too. Oooooh, I wanted to eat some of those chips later that night. I settled for maybe 1/4 cup of the meat mixture. Then I had a cup of tea w/cream. How's that for fighting my demons(Rosalie, your mentioning tea in the evening helped me w/that escape route-thank you!) And then I fell asleep in front of the tv, by the time I went to bed it was 2:00 am. I did had a 2oz portion chicken breast for a snack as well as one square of 86% chocolate w/1 ounce raw almonds.  so this morning my fasting blood sugar was 126(still below the 140 ada wants for first thing in the morning) and weigh n 241.2:-) While I had hopes to break into the 230s territory, I am delighted to see weight loss while eating so well as this manner allows me to as well as to apparently gaining control of monitoring my blood sugars. Have a wonderful day and blessings to all...

Sunday, January 29, 2012


  Me and my computer that is. Some or another I have hit a thing-a-majig where I must screen all my comments...I could not figure out where all my bfc friends were-tadah! There you were all on the pre- screen -before publishing page! So I did not offend you-good!  When last I posted, I was a bit dazed from work, and thankfully, recovered enough to walk my pups. I worked last night and only had to work 1/2hour ot, not as grueling as the other night. I love taking care of people, I have been in the business since 1976, thankfully w/o back injury of any sort. By the end of the shift, I am tired. I keep up w/the best of them, but tired I am. I am looking forward to what working w/o the 85 pounds I lose will feel like-anticipating that is a joyful event. Well,this will be a short post, I am fixing taco salad to bring to my friend's, and she will in turn show me how to use my new camera  and post my before pictures to Rosalie's site-I think that is a great idea and am thankful she is doing that for us:) obtw(how's that for texting jargon?)  my blood glucose this am was 113-you're right Rosalie, I am on my ay to being free of that darn self induced diabetes type 2. Oh, and one more thing, I had a great lunch today-one small tortilla w/one slice havarti cheese heated thru w/one slice lunch meat 1T miracle whip, 5 baby carrots and 4 grren olives(I love those things ) for S/C value of S5/C1...tomorrow is weigh in day-can't weight to see how I've done!

Friday, January 27, 2012


99 WHAT? YEARS OLD? NO, I AM 57 YEARS YOUNG. POUNDS TO LOSE? CLOSE, BUT THAT'S NOT IT EITHER.  I had to share my joy w/ someone, and as my family are all at the movies, I chose my fellow bfcers. I am a type2 diabetic, on oral meds only. I have been so on w/bfc these last 5 days, and  I'm not great at checking my blood sugars at home because that's what A1cs are for( we nurses make the worst patients-we know too much.)  I  have started checking my blood sugars randomly sinc I'm sticking with this so well now-blood sugar on getting up wed am=150(<140 is preferred.) I just decided to check it while preparing dinner and it was 99!!!Hallelujah and thank  you all for your support and encouragement and may this be  encouragement to those of you w/the same battle of dm2...:)


 I am sitting her at 1200noon psd, in my night gown absolutely all in. Work as it was was fine, however I put in 11/2 over time and am absolutely exhausted. I have not eaten which I should have done by now, to kick in my metabolism, but I shall do that as soon as I finish here. Well I managed to make it past 7-11 last night(big woo-hoo) and even though I ate my almonds and chocolate(thanks Rosalie for sharing where to buys) I was still a bit hungry so I ate 6 manzanila green olives w/2t. cream cheese.   I find those 2 flavors together are very satisfying, with a point total  S1/C1. That was it, no bags of chips, no 3 huge bowls cheerios-done. And that was my goal for the day, to not consume for comfort but to eat out of hunger. I hope all of you are well and continue to have victory over whatever eating issues, no matter how small and no matter what they are.  Today I'm going on a hunt for natures hollow jam and honey, more affordable  true lime(3 packets w/9 drops stevia in 11/2 c h20 w/twist of lome is a great substitute for diet cola for me), bottled water at costco and that is that(after of course I eat and walk the pups:).)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy day-short post(maybe...knowing me:))

 Hello, to all of my fellow path walkers!  A busy day for me is any day I have to work and I work today. I am an RN  at a 130 bed hospital, 3-11 shift and believe you me, when you assume patient care you hit the floor running and you don't stop running except for those occasional days when there are unseen late discharges. So I must be prepared to eat something that is healthful to me and not something that will comfort me.  So last night's dinner was so marvelous, I plan on bringing that to work(chicken parmesan chopped up in a spinach salad w/1/2 avocado and 2 T blue cheese dressing)S0C1 I before I started this and having read a little Wheat Belly , especially after a stressful shift would stop on the way home and buy chips or doughnuts or chocolate and or all of them, and eat and and eat and usually polish them off entirely at one sitting(I kid you not-except for the few crumbs cedric and dolly got:(.) So tonight is my test-I am going prepared w/one square dark chocolate and one ounce raw almonds. I am curious and hopeful w/o eating wheat that that will be all I need, no mater what kind of shift I have. Today for breakfast I had one packet Better oats organic raw bare variety oatmeal with 1 ounce sliced almonds(ready in 2 minutes in the microwave) and 5 raisins out of sunmaid variety pack w/1/2 c coconut milk(and a small pat of butter.) And one Jimmy Dean turkey sausage link , coffee w/cream for a total S5C1. And I must tell you I am full. It is sun shining today so I off to my walk...is anyone aware of a wheat free thin bun that I can replace my wheated thin buns with?...would not like giving up my occasional hamburger...have a great day:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

new day, third day

  well, no excitement today, all I have to report is I have managed to make it through this day so far w/o consuming wheat. I actually purchased for my e-reader Dr. Davis;s book  Wheat Belly and am looking forward to reading more-maybe Sunday will be a good day. managed to get a new plastic card reordered today and after dinner I will be going to my family's house to visit. They live 40 minutes away and I try to go see theem as there are 3 growing fast little ones who live there-my nephew who is 6, great nephew who is 5 and great niece who is 3...my color nook is all set w/new kiddo books:) For my meals toda y-breakfast I ran out of time for bible study so I ate a diabeteze bar S5/C2, for lunch 3/4 cup cabbage patch soup and veggie straws S5/C/2 and dinner will be salad and parm.lemon chicken and blue cheese dressing S5/C1. hope to get to the bottom of my blogging as I will be seeing my IT neph there as well, and hopefully get some before bfc pictures taken and sent-what a great idea. I hope all is well with all of you, my friends and tomorrow will bring you many blessings:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost and found-chewed

 Well, after recovering from the big snow and my bug I could concentrate on a very important part of my household that had noticed was not where I normally keep it. My plastic card that I can buy with disappeared completely...I looked in my car, I cleared out all my kitchen drawers I searched bathroom shelves as well as their drawers. Searched the ground around my car. I checked the account for activity(thankfully none since 1/10/12. No clue where that key to my world went. Then I just so happened to sit on the "dogs"couch-called so because they basically own it. And what do you know? there w/3 chewed corners was my beloved piece of plastic. Remember my ne'r do well Dolly Madison...just one more reason to call her ne'r do well.  So today being mild I was able to do my normal walk. I do not know how to do pictures but I will learn-I have bought a camera for that purpose . In the meantime, here is what I had for breakfast: 1 cup breakfast hash(Spudlers-comb. potatoes, bacon,onion,green bell peppers), one ounce Jimmy Dean's turkey crumbles, fried till browned then 2 eggs scrambled into that. S1/C1.  For lunch 3/4c.homemade cabbage patch soup with 1/2 cubed avocado stirred into that along with some good shakes of chipoltle tabasco stirred into it-S5/C2, reason for high sugar=too much onion. Next time I make that recipe I will cut the onion amount in half.. I have not eaten dinner, it's kind of late-maybe I'll have a light snack. This is my second day of  not eating wheat. It's not intentional, but WOW! The drive to eat seems to have been turned off...more incentive for me to not eat wheat. Gadget-I have ordered from one of the shopping channels a device that you use to measure your food as well as calculate nutritional values, including carbs and sugars( in other words, it prorates your s/c to the weight of the item your eating.) It comes w/booklet of codes you enter for 1,999 foods with the capability of programming in 99 of your own foods. I'll let you know what I think and let me  know if you would like info to check it out. I am so sorry for the length of this, I hope you have found this worth reading...I need to learn many things re:typing on computers as well bfc but w/my nephew's it skills as well as the support and encouragement of this community that brought us together,learning will occur.  Thanks and I'm sorry to Rosalie-for endeavoring to learn my address( and to Dawn also for joining my site)-the sorry to Rosalie for my earlier post  today which was my ignoant and feeble attempt to comment on Rosalie's site. And Pattie, I hurt with as you shared w/us your beloved Beth  and I marvel at the strength you exhibit as you begin your journey out of the dark...

In the Beginning... | The Belly Fat Cure...PurpleRosy Style...Belly Fat Cure

In the Beginning... | The Belly Fat Cure...PurpleRosy Style...Belly Fat Cure

Monday, January 23, 2012

back in the swing-or should i say daily walk?

 Last week, living in the great northwest, I had the wonderful opportunity  of becoming snowbound. Now this is something I have experienced, having had 21/2 feet  of snow accumulate over a period of 4 days 2 years ago at Christmas time.  I knew to get out and make the purchases necessary for bsf  and did.  Then I got the bug, so I fortunately did not have to navigate my half hour drive to work. As a result, my daily walk w/ m2 bdff went by the way, unfortunately for them as well as me. we received 18inches of snow over a period of 4 days as the north eastern wind from Canada fought the southwest pineapple express. Nor'easter fought valiantly and looked like it may win, but the pineapple express gave a wallop of a punch(sorry for the pun!) and today I awakened to a completely thawed out hometown-let the walking begin! Dolly Madison, Cedric and I have just returned from a most delightful walk, although I must say I overdressed and had to unwrap my scarf and remove my gloves.Whom  you may be wondering are my best doggy friends forever? Cedric is my charming tri  pembroke welsh corgi 5yo and  Dolly Madison,  his, ne'r do well sissy,4 yo  brindle cardigan corgi.  How is your day? I hope all is well. I must say I did not look forward to weighing in as I had zero exercise for 7 days as well  as whe I am sick I have a funny way of thinking if I just eat the right thing, I'll feel better. Oh well. I was up 0.6lb., but hey-I faced the dragon and that 0.6 will be gone next week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


 hello all, this all is quite new as well as old to me, both computer as well as bfcin;. where i am employed 10 years ago we were introduced to the novelty of electronic charting...just this past july i bought my first ever computer! and when jorge published his book "the belly fat cure" in 2009, i bought it, read it and followed it for a while and the quit. why did i quit? there was something lacking, and i could not quite tell what, but there was no real drive to lose the weight, although for the short time i followed it i did lose. well, word search on my new computer last august for bfc and amongst other things what did i find??? bfc purple rosy style! without knowing what the missing part to look for was i found in the community that congregates there. what was missing was the love and support for one another that each one of us benefit from in our journey out of all the stories and lies we have been told about how to lose weight and why we should. EUREKA!!! electronic gold. so, today 1/22/12, i post my first message on my brand new blog-(i move slow, but i move:) i encourage you to comments and  i can't wait to see where this leads...blessings to all:)