Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another victory

Yesterday I had it all figured out, my s/c and where I would put them. I had a problem though-I had only one s left at the end of the day and no c's. What to do? Well I took my precios Taco salad left fom the night before and instead of eating it all for lunch I split it and ate1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner-voila. By doing that and eliminating what I had planned to eat for dinner I was able to have a cushion of S3.51,andalthough I did not need them it was nice to know at the end of my work day I could have a little something. And wow! I had not clue kidney beans have a value of 2/2. Live and learn. So when I got home from work the Taco salad was gone but I still have little of the nacho cheese Doritos staring me in the face. No I did not throw them in the garbage disposal, or feed them to the dogs. I left them alone and went to bed. And that's the victory-no comfort eating at the end of a busy shift-with Doritos in house.  Have a wonderful day and may you have a victory or 2 today as you continue on your way to living the BFC lifestyle:-)


  1. That's a hard thing to do - just leave them alone. Great job :-)

  2. Evil Doritos! Don't even get me started on those things...