Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


 Last week saw me with massive reading I had to do for a class I'm in as well as concern over a work situation that saw me obsessing relenting over and over it,  that's life. And while I still have concerns at work, the reading at the moment is caught up, hence I'm sneaking in a spot of time to let you all know I am still here and intend to remain for the duration. Although last week was challenging I was able to remain BFC true. And I am of the firm belief that it is because of all of you in this wonderful community as well as going wheat free. I am pleased to announce a 2 lb. weight loss-not bad for a 57yo! thank you to all of you, and  I pray some day I may be an encouragement to others as you have been to me...(Oh dear what have I done to my keyboard now?!)...blessings to all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another victory

Yesterday I had it all figured out, my s/c and where I would put them. I had a problem though-I had only one s left at the end of the day and no c's. What to do? Well I took my precios Taco salad left fom the night before and instead of eating it all for lunch I split it and ate1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner-voila. By doing that and eliminating what I had planned to eat for dinner I was able to have a cushion of S3.51,andalthough I did not need them it was nice to know at the end of my work day I could have a little something. And wow! I had not clue kidney beans have a value of 2/2. Live and learn. So when I got home from work the Taco salad was gone but I still have little of the nacho cheese Doritos staring me in the face. No I did not throw them in the garbage disposal, or feed them to the dogs. I left them alone and went to bed. And that's the victory-no comfort eating at the end of a busy shift-with Doritos in house.  Have a wonderful day and may you have a victory or 2 today as you continue on your way to living the BFC lifestyle:-)

Monday, January 30, 2012


 Good morning to all. I had a most wonderful day yesterday after church, looking and hunting for  those foods that will be beneficial to my eating bfc this week-I did not get home until 2pm! I was so glad I had a packet of blue diamond almonds in my purse(they come in different flavors, my fav wasabi and soy) and all I needed was 3/4 package. Entire pck S1C1. And then I had my yummy lunch I described 1/28/12.Then it was off to the store to buy supplies to make dinner for my friend and her family. A most delicious Taco salad, and I did the hamburger seasoning the way Maria's nutrition counseling letter recommended last week(thank you Pattie for suggesting that site). Prepared that way it made the meat taste special and was no more time consuming than buying a packet filled w/who knows what?!  Do you know what it is like when you have eaten something that once you had your first serving you'd go back for seconds and thirds? Taco salad was one of those trigger foods for me and I tried to leave everything for my friends family, but I ended up bringing some of those darn chips home, a lot of the meat mixture too. Oooooh, I wanted to eat some of those chips later that night. I settled for maybe 1/4 cup of the meat mixture. Then I had a cup of tea w/cream. How's that for fighting my demons(Rosalie, your mentioning tea in the evening helped me w/that escape route-thank you!) And then I fell asleep in front of the tv, by the time I went to bed it was 2:00 am. I did had a 2oz portion chicken breast for a snack as well as one square of 86% chocolate w/1 ounce raw almonds.  so this morning my fasting blood sugar was 126(still below the 140 ada wants for first thing in the morning) and weigh n 241.2:-) While I had hopes to break into the 230s territory, I am delighted to see weight loss while eating so well as this manner allows me to as well as to apparently gaining control of monitoring my blood sugars. Have a wonderful day and blessings to all...

Sunday, January 29, 2012


  Me and my computer that is. Some or another I have hit a thing-a-majig where I must screen all my comments...I could not figure out where all my bfc friends were-tadah! There you were all on the pre- screen -before publishing page! So I did not offend you-good!  When last I posted, I was a bit dazed from work, and thankfully, recovered enough to walk my pups. I worked last night and only had to work 1/2hour ot, not as grueling as the other night. I love taking care of people, I have been in the business since 1976, thankfully w/o back injury of any sort. By the end of the shift, I am tired. I keep up w/the best of them, but tired I am. I am looking forward to what working w/o the 85 pounds I lose will feel like-anticipating that is a joyful event. Well,this will be a short post, I am fixing taco salad to bring to my friend's, and she will in turn show me how to use my new camera  and post my before pictures to Rosalie's site-I think that is a great idea and am thankful she is doing that for us:) obtw(how's that for texting jargon?)  my blood glucose this am was 113-you're right Rosalie, I am on my ay to being free of that darn self induced diabetes type 2. Oh, and one more thing, I had a great lunch today-one small tortilla w/one slice havarti cheese heated thru w/one slice lunch meat 1T miracle whip, 5 baby carrots and 4 grren olives(I love those things ) for S/C value of S5/C1...tomorrow is weigh in day-can't weight to see how I've done!

Friday, January 27, 2012


99 WHAT? YEARS OLD? NO, I AM 57 YEARS YOUNG. POUNDS TO LOSE? CLOSE, BUT THAT'S NOT IT EITHER.  I had to share my joy w/ someone, and as my family are all at the movies, I chose my fellow bfcers. I am a type2 diabetic, on oral meds only. I have been so on w/bfc these last 5 days, and  I'm not great at checking my blood sugars at home because that's what A1cs are for( we nurses make the worst patients-we know too much.)  I  have started checking my blood sugars randomly sinc I'm sticking with this so well now-blood sugar on getting up wed am=150(<140 is preferred.) I just decided to check it while preparing dinner and it was 99!!!Hallelujah and thank  you all for your support and encouragement and may this be  encouragement to those of you w/the same battle of dm2...:)


 I am sitting her at 1200noon psd, in my night gown absolutely all in. Work as it was was fine, however I put in 11/2 over time and am absolutely exhausted. I have not eaten which I should have done by now, to kick in my metabolism, but I shall do that as soon as I finish here. Well I managed to make it past 7-11 last night(big woo-hoo) and even though I ate my almonds and chocolate(thanks Rosalie for sharing where to buys) I was still a bit hungry so I ate 6 manzanila green olives w/2t. cream cheese.   I find those 2 flavors together are very satisfying, with a point total  S1/C1. That was it, no bags of chips, no 3 huge bowls cheerios-done. And that was my goal for the day, to not consume for comfort but to eat out of hunger. I hope all of you are well and continue to have victory over whatever eating issues, no matter how small and no matter what they are.  Today I'm going on a hunt for natures hollow jam and honey, more affordable  true lime(3 packets w/9 drops stevia in 11/2 c h20 w/twist of lome is a great substitute for diet cola for me), bottled water at costco and that is that(after of course I eat and walk the pups:).)